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A Community of Sex Offenders and families of offenders sharing knowledge and information to overcome the obstacles in our lives and become stronger and better people.  It is our belief that we can best help society by seeking healthy alternatives to cope with situations that eluded us in the past.  Our approach is similar to 12 step groups, simply one offender helping another  to remain Safe in our Communities while rebuilding our lives.  Our on-line Sex Offender discussion forums are here for us to share and obtain knowledge to enrich ourselves.

Sex Offenders, by the very nature of our past behavior, must remain vigilant throughout our lives. We who have been given a second chance in society choose to honor that privilege by striving to live a safe and productive life.  The alternative is a life in prison and another broken victim.  Neither is acceptable.

This site is specifically for Registered Sex Offenders and Individuals that will be charged and classified as a Sex Offender, and their Parents/Partners. We also encourage other individuals such as attorney's, therapists and community leaders that can offer hope, encouragement and or services.

Because the content is sensitive NO ONE under the age of 18yrs of age is allowed access.